"Drewgal" - Andrzej Pluciński

  mobile 797 214 282
  phone +48 18 20 779 74
  email: drewgal

  34-532 Jurgów near Zakopane, Poland

oak mugs
capacity 0,5 liters or 1,0 litr
kufel dębowy 0,5 litra  

oak mugs
brass fittings
sealing with beeswax

oak mugs (0,5 liters) - 12 $
oak mugs (1 litr)     - 15 $



Other wooden items
wooden scoops, mugs, buckets, wooden mugs

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the Małopolska craft route
Andrzej Pluciński - bednarstwo, szlak rzemiosła - Małopolska (Jurgów)


Andrzej Pluciński from Jurgów is a cooper. He took up the craft in the 1970s for financial reasons. Earlier, he attended school, where he learned the profession of electrician, he also worked in the police in Zakopane and in the digs in Jaworzno. In his rich biography he also has a sports episode - he professionally dealt with boxing in the club "Wiktoria Jaworzno".

He is self-taught, he gained skills thanks to the patterns provided by other coopers. Initially, he worked in his father's basement. The workshop was small but profitable. At that time, he produced mainly small buckets that he sold outside Poland, mainly to Germany, but also to Israel. Thanks to these orders, he was able to invest in the development of his own workshop - he bought machines that allowed him to develop his business and start a business.

Today, it continues to export its products to the West, and also sells online. The main recipient of the goods produced in the cooperage workshop are companies, among others mines that order beer mugs for miners, for example on the occasion of Barbórka. These types of mugs are very durable, impregnated with beeswax are not destroyed. Mr. Andrzej can also decorate his products: when he made custom furniture in highlander style, he decorated them with appropriate ornaments.

It takes a lot of time to complete a larger order because Mr. Andrzej works alone. When dealing with contractors, he always emphasizes that it is a manual work, not a machine production, therefore it takes more time. He uses proven German tools - saws, grinders, planers. Such equipment is especially useful when working in hard oak.

A well-made coop production is identified by the fact that you can not see the joining of wood. "There is no right to be physical," says the craftsman. In his work he uses oak, spruce, alder and ash wood. The latter performs hoops fixed around the buckets.

Mr. Andrzej does not run workshops because he thinks that young people do not have the patience for this type of work. He is not interested in participating in fairs and shows because it involves too much financial effort. He will be happy to show his workshop to those interested, just make an appointment by phone. By the way, you can buy one of the products of Mr. Andrew - they are much cheaper here than in stores.

dev. Katarzyna Pracuch